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Almonds ladoo(Healthy sweets)🍽

Almonds” a rich dry fruit ,contained vitamin E, minerals, protein, fiber & unsaturated fat which are helpful to reduce bad cholesterol.


Even almonds are appeared in the first book of the Bible , “Genesis”, as a prized food given as gifts.

Some research said that having 14gm of almonds every day will keep you energetic the whole day. But almond is a little hard and tasteless nut for children. While almonds are equally beneficial for young children and adults. But kids are kids ,they will have only those foods which are tasty.

Well as a mother it’s a tough task for me too that my kid will have it regularly.

So, I converted this nut into a sweet dish.


Cooking Time: 30 – 35 minutes


1. Almonds 200 gm

2. Powder sugar or jaggery powder 50 gm

3. Other dry fruits like raisins, dessicated coconut (optional)

4. Milk 2 tbsp


1. First we will grind almonds in mixer grinder & make a fine powder of it.

2. Put a frying pan on the low medium flamed burner & pour grinded almonds on it , roast it for 2 minutes, add powdered sugar & mix it well. You can add other dry fruits also for increasing taste and flavour. But it’s completely optional.

3. Now add 2 tbsp of milk & mix it for one minute. Switch off the flame & leave the mixture for cooling.

4. After half an hour you can make a small – small ladoos from the mixture and You can store it in a jar for one week.

Well my son liked its taste & I gave him one piece every day.

I believed that cooking methods can be different but sweets taste only sweet.πŸ‘©β€πŸ³


Published by Sushmasuman

I'm a nature loving person, do little writing, sketching, cooking & reading.

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