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Moments of life (Farewell Day)

Everybody was in a big rush on that day. The day of my farewell from my father’s home after my marriage.

I felt on that day that farewell time came very early. It’s the farewell of the journey of a daughter,farewell of innocence, carelessness.

Now a new journey was going to be started on that day. A mature,sensible and responsible journey.

My father’s eye was full with tears, I still remembered he was continuously watching my mother’s photo, like he was talking to her. For him my mother was still alive in his memory. Oh..! That day was full with emotions.

My elder sister was not only preparing for my farewell but she was also packing her luggage for her own farewell. Because she had to go back to her in laws house.

My little brother( not so little )while he was taking care of my marriage arrangements, but he was also in hurry and packing his luggage to go back his hostel for his study.

The guests were also in hurry. They were not only preparing my farewell but themselves also. Because when they were packaging sweets & gift for me ,they were doing the same thing for themselves also.

While I was also crying on that day. We all knew that now my Papa had to live alone with my mom’s memories.

But whenever I remember that day I thought it was not only my farewell day but everybody’s . Whenever we siblings were gathered at Papa’s house , I asked my father why you were crying you on that day? Were you crying for me or everybody’s? Because everybody was going on that day. Well he smiled with our presence…..


Published by Sushmasuman

I'm a nature loving person, do little writing, sketching, cooking & reading.

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