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Investors Old or Bold

It is said that” there are old investors ,there are bold investors, but there are no bold and old investors. “

Actually I was listening these things from my husband. No one can be perfect in investing.

While I thought if your all investment are going in a positive direction then that person is perfect in investing & if your investment results are negative then you should leave that investment business there . One should not bet more.

But my husband has a completely different theory. First is one should not invest that money which is fix for every month. Second is invest that money which you’re keeping in bank ,FD money , money for jewellery purchasing or unnecessary shopping list, etc. And many more points are there which he told me every day.

Well at some points I thought may be he is right , because keeping jewellery at home is really risky. So, I thought I should invest that money which I kept for that purpose. And doing that thing can give anyone peaceful sleep.  But when you saw your investments are declining day by day then this one gave me really a sadistic feeling. Well  then I started arguing with my husband why you gave me a lesson about of investment.  It would be better for me if I purchased jewellery rather than investing. Then he told me I just gave you suggestions & still you are not getting my point. And it’s you should not invest that money which is fixed for every month. And he always told me if you bought something else instead of investing then what, could you resell those products in higher prices? No, you can’t because clothing , accessories, gadgets ,etc. prices are declined. While gold is exception but sometimes it happened with gold also.

So, staying in investment one should have to keep patience. While “Luck” is always important but it’s not in our hand.

And, I also saw my investment is growing or declining. But sometime I felt that I was controlling the money or money was controlling me. Well when my investment is growing I thought I am controlling but when declining it’s a vice-versa feeling.

Well there are many books on investment & many more agents always ready to give their expert advice . While they have it or not I always doubt, “Expert Advice “. And most interesting there are so many apps in the market for investment.

My husband started investment quite earlier. And I always noticed in his investment there are variety because he believed to invest in 10 business rather than 1 business.

And always telling me don’t increase your liability , increase your asset. So, for me he is a old investor.

And I considered myself as a bold investor because I chose investment instead of spending money in shopping, purchasing gold accessories.

But this investment business always comes with a precaution, “Do it in your own risk.”


Published by Sushmasuman

I'm a nature loving person, do little writing, sketching, cooking & reading.

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