Thought of the Day

Buddha’s quotes:

Buddha was asked ,”what have you gained from meditation?

He replied nothing!

However, let me tell you what I have lost: Anger,Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of old age and death.

For me meditation means, Me + ditation = Self enrichment.

Thought of the Day……

3 words better than ” I love you ” are

” I trust you “.

When you said these words to someone that means that person has earned it.


While it’s harder to earn but it’s hardest to sustain it…..🌸🌸

Moments and Memories

Living the life in different moments.

Moments of happiness,excitement,joy, moments of sadness, remorse, tiredness .

Moments of various expressions.

Life moved on the variation of expressions.

The moments passed with the passage of time.

Become memories for life.

Some memories are worth remembering.

And some are worth forgetting.

We cherished those memories, which brings smile on our face.

And we abandon those, which filled our eyes with tears.

Wishing those cherished memories, again become the moments of life.

And this Time live that moment perfectly, so no regret left.

And praying those abandoned memories never haunt me again.

Remained in the past, become the companion of past .

Cherished the good moments, live with memories.

Abandoned the bad moments, remained in the past.

………………………………by Sushma S.✍📜

Mutual Thoughts

Admired confidence in a exclusive way,

Overjoyed to hear more precisely .

Asked, how do you deliberate so well?

Such a generous knowledge replied promptly,

A little bit of my passion,

Passion with a philosophical mode,

And a long way journey of thoughts.

Delighted by this interacting.

Matching thoughts create a mutual feelings,

Sometimes frequently disappointment turned into negativity ,

Such a thought driven slightly aback,

A never formed opinion,

Creates no expectations.

Such experienced tendencies ,

Sometimes turned into nasty experiences.

People believed,

Women are perceived to be understanding.

An utter amusements ,

Conjured a roaring laughter,

A true laugh with whole heartedly.

Contagious laughter started,

Time passed quickly in this togetherness.

A togetherness of mutual thoughts.

………………………………by Sushma S.✍📜

First Meeting…..

He gazed at her face,

Watched her changing expressions,

Her smile like a true pearl

Happiness prevailed in the quiet surroundings,

Her whispering words,

Create the sound of tweet,

Her smile worth a fortune for him,

Her admirer increased her significance,

Everything appeared like a sweet dream,

Afraid to loose the momentum,

Made her petrified.

Her perplexed mind,

Dwelling with surging emotions.

Found sheer relief in his eyes,

That pacified moment ,

Filled her memory with refreshed moments.

His wonderful gesture,

Impressed her soul,

They take a vow,

To become each other’s partner,

For the journey of life……💞💕👫

……………………………………by Sushma S.✍📜

SMS (Sun, Moon and Stars )

Companions of the night,

The moon & Stars,

Going to the another horizon,

After getting tired with variation,

Searching new morning of the Sun.

Sun, The king of the sky,

Came with his infinite light,

His courtyard sparkled ,

With his Aura.

Morning birds welcomed him,

With their melodious tweets.

Winds spread out,

The fragrance of fresh soil,

Filled the surroundings ,

With its aroma .

Wake up,

Before the day – spring,

And be a part of

Nature’s magic,

Before the vision vanished,

In the daylight.

………………………………….by Sushma S.✍📜

Moments of life (Farewell Day)

Everybody was in a big rush on that day. The day of my farewell from my father’s home after my marriage.

I felt on that day that farewell time came very early. It’s the farewell of the journey of a daughter,farewell of innocence, carelessness.

Now a new journey was going to be started on that day. A mature,sensible and responsible journey.

My father’s eye was full with tears, I still remembered he was continuously watching my mother’s photo, like he was talking to her. For him my mother was still alive in his memory. Oh..! That day was full with emotions.

My elder sister was not only preparing for my farewell but she was also packing her luggage for her own farewell. Because she had to go back to her in laws house.

My little brother( not so little )while he was taking care of my marriage arrangements, but he was also in hurry and packing his luggage to go back his hostel for his study.

The guests were also in hurry. They were not only preparing my farewell but themselves also. Because when they were packaging sweets & gift for me ,they were doing the same thing for themselves also.

While I was also crying on that day. We all knew that now my Papa had to live alone with my mom’s memories.

But whenever I remember that day I thought it was not only my farewell day but everybody’s . Whenever we siblings were gathered at Papa’s house , I asked my father why you were crying you on that day? Were you crying for me or everybody’s? Because everybody was going on that day. Well he smiled with our presence…..

Untold Friendship….

Your voice touched my soul,

Awakened my heart.

Miracle started in the heart,

It’s magic reached to me.

The untold friendship,

Made the impossible true.

As the art expressed,

The variations of the colors.

Just like that,

The friendship defined,

Blessings of the true companionship.

It’s like,

The bondage of two souls.

The silence of this friendship,

Turned into a poetry,

Desired to be heard…..

Rejoiced Life…..

O! My beloved .

Your heart is an ocean for me,

And my abode is in the clouds.

It’s way is paved by love,

For you, like a rain drop.

Your appearance creates music,

For my breath.

Your words add melody,

To the music.

Felt like life is rejoicing.

Now, you & I are not different words.

Our united heart made us one.

Honoured me with your love,

Accompanied me forever with your presence.

………………………………by Sushma S.✍📜

Remembrance Of Childhood..🚣‍♀️

Back in the time, through the memory’s lane.

I reached to the my childhoods days.

The remembrance knows the way, to reached the childhoods track.

To memorize all the pleasing amusements , with the adolescent gang.

Through sweet and sour memories, I reached to my childhoods lane.

Ahh! What were those days too ,still those memories live inside me.

And pinch & tickle me in the present , as I went more deeper into those days.

Back in the time,through the memory’s lane.

Looks like time moved very fast.

All those moments ,spread out in my memory board.

Like snow covered the valley with white sheets.

Giving cheers to those memorable days, as it’s the remembrance of childhood .

These moments are part of the past, will live only in memory .

……………………………by Sushma S.✍📜

Weekend Special Snacks ‘Mathri'(wheatflour snack)

It’s weekend again and cooked something special for our evening snacks.  It’s  ‘Mathri’ ,a Wheat flour recipe & perfect combination for evening tea or coffee. Basically it’s a North Indian snacks.


Preparation time: 30 – 40 minutes

Cooking time: 15 – 20 minutes

Serving time: 5 minutes

Ingredients: wheatflour 200gm, Semolina/Rawa(grinded sooji) 100gm, gramflour (besan) 50gm, blackpepper powder 1/2 tbsp, kalonji seeds(nigella) 1 tbsp, ajwain(carom seeds) 1tbsp,cooking oil , salt according to your taste.

Cooking Method:

1. First we’ll take a big bowl for mixing all the ingredients together.

2. Now we’ll add wheat flour, semolina,gram flour, black pepper powder, salt,crush and add carom seeds & 4 tbsp cooking oil.

3. Mix all the ingredients together with your hand till well combined.

4. Now sprinkle lukewarm water slowly-slowly and knead to a stiff (tight) dough .

Stiff Dough

5. Grease your palm with cooking oil and rub it to your dough & cover it with a plate & set aside for 15 minutes. So,semolina will mix in the dough perfectly.

6. After 15 minutes gently knead the dough again for 2 minutes & take a small portion from it and shape it into a ball.

Mathri shape

7. Now gently flatten the dough ball between your palms & pressed it’s centre a little with your finger and stick 5 to 10 kalonji seeds on it.

8. With the same process we’ll prepare our all Mathri from the dough.

Mathris are frying in oil

9. Now hit sufficient oil in a frying pan. Drop in the prepared Mathri & keep the flame medium to low. First 3 minutes we won’t touch them & after 3 minutes will turn them with the help of a spoon. And fry it till then it becomes golden and crispy. After that we’ll remove it from the oil with the help of a strainer & keep it in the plate. With the same process we’ll fry our all Mathri.

Drain out from the oil

10. Now our Mathri snacks are ready to eat. Serve it with a cup of tea or coffee. Give it to the kids with tomato ketchup.

Ready to eat

11. We can store it for a month in the air tight jar once they have cooled to room temperature.

Enjoy your weekend evening with a cup of tea or coffee & lots of Mathri.

You can watch this recipe hindi language video from the given link:

Shattered Dreams

Wished for the love,

That was never mine.

Trusted the loyalty,

That was never given.

Desired to be with you ,

While you were never there.

Dreamt to be a cheerful life ,

But we were never together.

Returned my serenity,

That was shattered by your deceit.

Living with the pain,

That was your memory.

Hoping for your happiness,

While you have taken mine.

…………………………….by Sushma S.✍📜

💖Voyagers of love……💖

The voyagers of love,

Cover the journey together ,

Reach the destination together,

Don’t care about the Joy or sorrow,

Endure all the pain together ,

The voyagers of love……

………………………… Sushma S.✍📜


Mirrors are not liars.

Accept with your smile

Or regret with your tears.

As it said

Beauty lie in the eye of beholder .

But mirror told the status of the beauty.

As we grow old with ages.

Still remembered the day of my childhood,

Made weird faces in front of the mirror.

And laughed alone.

What the days those were.

Maybe he didn’t applause for my expressions !

But always available for my performance.

It was the mirror ,

Who introduced me with my carefree teenager.

Showed me first glimpse of the beauty.

Mirror was the witness of my first love’s blushes.

It was the mirror,

Introduced the different ages of life.

It was the mirror,

Who had seen my tears,my smiles.

My best companion for my expressions.

Still cleaning the mirror,

Seeing my expressions……

……………………………….by Sushma S.✍📜

Still Me…..

When no words left to express your feelings .

When no healings work to solace your agony.

When no aid converge to reduce your sorrow.

When no admirer praised to cherish your beauty.

Still one place left for you

My beloved.

It’s my heart,

Which still beats for you.

…………………………………by Sushma S.✍📜

Weekend special snacks- “Rawa Potato ring”🥔🥯

Whenever weekend started, it’s demanded to cook something different, spicy(chatpata),crispy(Kurkura). Moreover such types of snack which Will be perfect with Evening tea. And now a days IPL has started too.

So for the match lovers they just need a TV, snacks, a cup of tea or coffee.

This time I made a snack with potato & rawa(sooji).You can take rice flour instead of rawa & it’s perfect for the evening.

Rawa Potato Ring

Preparation Time: 30 – 40 minutes

Cooking Time : 10 – 15 minutes

Serving Time  :  5 minutes

INGREDIENTS: Rawa 200 gm, 5 small sized boiled potatoes, 1 tbsp chili garlic paste, 1/2 tbsp chaat masala powder, 1/4 tbsp turmeric powder, 3 tbsp corn flour, salt to taste, cooking oil.

Cooking Method:

1.First we’ll grind the rawa in a grinder & make a fine flour or if you have rice flour you can use it without grinding.

2.we’ll heat a frying pan on a medium  flame. When frying pan will be heated pour 2tbsp cooking oil.

3.when cooking oil will be heated, we’ll pour 1 tbsp chili garlic paste & fry it for 1 minute on a low flame. If you don’t like spicy you can add only garlic paste.

4.After that we’ll add 150 ml water in the frying pan. Stir it well with your cooking spoon & add turmeric powder, salt and chaat masala in it. Again stir it well so there will be no lumps.

5.After that we’ll wait for the boiling, when it started to boil we’ll add grinded rawa in it & mix it well quickly. Because rawa quickly absorbed the water.

6. Now We’ll grate the boiled potatoes  & add it in the frying pan and mix it well with the rawa. After mixing we’ll turn off the gas flame and put the mixture in a bowl. So,it will be cooled down quickly.

Rawa with grated potatoes in a frying pan
Let the mixture cool down

7.After that we’ll knead the mixture for 2 minutes to make a dough and now we’ll add 3tbsp corn flour and knead it till then when it will be completely mixed in the dough.

Make a smooth dough

8. Now we’ll take a small portion from the dough and roll it between our palm & first give it a pencil like shape then add the both end of it & press it lightly with your finger & give it a ring like shape. With same process we’ll make rings from the dough like that as I have done.

Small rings

9. Now we’ll again heat a frying pan on the medium flame and pour 100ml cooking oil into the pan. When oil will be heated slowly-slowly we’ll pour the rings in it. First one minute we won’t touch it, otherwise it can be broken .After one minute we’ll turn it & fry it till then when it becomes golden brown.When it becomes golden brown, we’ll remove it from the oil with the help of strainer. And keep it in a plate. With the same process we’ll fry our all rings.

Rings are frying

10. Now our Rawa-potato snacks is ready for eating . We can serve it hot or cool with tomato ketchup/green chutney & a cup of tea or coffee. When it becomes cool we can store it in a air tight jar for more than one week.

Enjoy your weekend with this evening snacks & tea or coffee.

Snacks are ready to eat

You can watch this recipe in Hindi language video from the given link:


“Never Ending wait”…..🙇‍♀️🧳🚍

         Someone was waiting at the bus stop, while it was raining like cats & dogs. At least he wasn’t able to see the face from his window.

Because of the stormy weather, no electricity he wasn’t able to sleep. So,he  went to check it again, but because of heavy rain, there was low visibility & still he couldn’t see anything clearly. This made him more perplexed. While he was lying on the bed,but continuously thinking who was there? So,he woke up again and tried to see from his binocular. And he saw that there was a girl with the luggage . But still he couldn’t see her face clearly.

   Made him more curious why she was waiting there from so much long time in such a stormy night ? His mind started playing quiz with him. Who was she? Why she was alone? Why no one came for her? Did she elope from her home? His mind was filled with so many thoughts.

    He continuously checked her status, the whole night. And she was always there alone. Now, it was going to be sunrise & rain had stopped too. But no one came for her,why? Such types of questions he was continuously thinking.

  When he became more worried then he thought he would go there personally & ask her. He got up & took a umbrella and went to the door. But the door was stuck very badly that it wouldn’t open. He became more furious & went to near his window to call someone for help. But he became more surprised.

(No, the girl was not gone. She was still at the bus stop. She was not in his building compound. Then,what?)

   Actually there were lots of police men around his building.

After seeing them he became more tensed. But still he shouted for help. But every body was in a big rush.

He tried to figure out the situation  & heard some folks were gossiping that “it happened last night.” That person was going somewhere hurriedly & because of rain he didn’t see the speedy truck which hit him very badly and he died at the accidental spot .

    Now, this time he wanted to know more about of the dead person . So he tried to see the dead body. But it was covered with white sheets & there was blood strains scattered. He had no courage to see any further.

    So, he again started to see the girl & she was still sitting there. Suddenly he realized that someone opened his door. He went to check it & yes, it was opened. He didn’t understand who locked him inside & now who opened it? But he thought he would figure out those things later. So,at first he went downstairs and saw there were lots of people talking to each other about the incident. He also thought to inquire about the incident . But before inquiring about of anything he wanted to meet that girl. He reached the bus stop.

  The girl was sleeping & her face was covered with her scarf. But he became ecstatic to see her face. So,he tried to woke her up. But suddenly his eyes were stopped on a Diary, which she was holding very tightly.

  After some hesitation he grasped that Diary and started reading. The girl penned down her love story very beautifully . After reading the first page he could not stop himself to read further.  He started to fall in love with her. After each turning pages his love was growing . While he was lost in her words, a paper had fallen down on the floor. He picked up & noticed that it was a folded photograph. He unfolded the photograph & Diary banged on the floor. She woke up with the sound. She saw that her Diary & the photograph were on the floor. She thought maybe be it was fallen down from her hands while she was sleeping. She  collected her things & cleaned the dust on the photograph and kissed .

It was his photograph. She was waiting for him and he was just there standing with teary eyes. But it was his soul ,who was not agree to leave her alone. He was not able to fulfill his promises ,which he made before.

His deceptive mind played game with his emotions while he was not alive.

He was continuously seeing her & her never ended wait. He wanted to be with her , hold her in his arms, convey his final goodbye but………………..

This story is dedicated to all those waits which never ended & reached its destination. It continued……..

…………………………by Sushma S.✍📜🍀

You & me

As the flower is incomplete without its fragrance,

Just like I’m incomplete without your love.

As the sky is embellished with Moon & stars ,

Just like I’m adorned with your love.

As the pearl lived inside the seashell,

Just like Your love lives deep inside in my heart.

As the nightwrap is decorated with twinkling stars,

Just like my life is beautified with your smile.

As the swan is incomplete without its partner,

Just like I’m incomplete without you.

As the poet composed her verses with her imagination,

Just like I embellish myself with your love.

As the lamp engenders the flame of passion, abolish the darkness.

Just like my world is lightened with your unconditional support & love.

………………………………by Sushma S.✍📜⚘

Inspiring Nature🦚🌈🌦🌈🦚

After seeing the rain shower,

The dancing peacocks,

The beauty of nature.

Aspiring poet inside me ,

Arise with her thoughts.

To describe my words,

Went inside the house,

Hold a paper,

But not found my fountain.

Grasped my kid’s pencil,

Came outside.

Oh! What happened ?

It’s a sunny day.

The rain showers stopped.

Missed my inspiration of poetry.

Nature played hide & seek with me.

To disappear my sadness,

A colorful rainbow appeared in the blue.

After seeing the nature’s portrait,

My poetry became more flourished.

…………………………by Sushma S.✍📜

Expression Of Love

My heart was depressed from your absence.

The magic of talking between two hearts, The language of love.

The secret of magical talking spread in the night.

It’s the reflection of your love, which made me passionate.

It’s the craft of your love, which made me vulnerable.

My heart wants to be vanished in your memories.

As moon is hiding behind the clouds, playing a blind’s man bluff with the stars.

As such your love is hiding behind your face, your memories are playing with my heart.

It’s the desire of my heart, that blowing breeze which touched your face will touch my soul.

Your love make my life beautified ,you’re the answers to all my questions.

The distance which apart us at the moment is the guest of this silent night & the witness of our love.

The way you’re tired up with me make me crazy, A single glance of your face made my innermost feelings jostling to be expressed.

Let this love distance journey to be continued. It’s the night of celebration, the Moon and stars are dancing, in this blissful moment.

I’m happy to see you in my dreams, Your love has stolen my sleep, But not my dream.

……………………..By Sushma S.✍📜

Thought of the day

A famous shloka(verse) of ” Shrimad Bhagwat Gita ” always motivates in my life, either I’m happy or sad. It illustrates our duties in our life & here’s the verse(shloka),which inspired me always;

।। कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन ।।

।। मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भुर्मा ते संगोऽस्त्वकर्मणि ।।

As much I understand the meaning of this verse(shloka) is that ” only our actions(work) are in our hand, its result is not in our hand. We’re destined to do our work(karma) & our actions will lead us to our destiny. So, without putting ourselves in dilemma or getting worried about of it that what would be the result of our actions(karma),we should only complete our actions/works/karma.”

This post is dedicated to my 100+ co followers and some of their inspiring posts & comments which motivates me & my writing. And thanks to WordPress to provide us such a expressive platform where you can write your own thoughts in any form and read many more thoughts & creativity from all over the world. Thanks to everyone……😊✍

Mother “Maa”

She who gives birth to humanity, is known as “Maa”(Mother).

Her life is the symbol of dedication & love .

She lives her life to provide comfort in her children’s life.

She’s a melodious singer ,As humming lullabies are always on her lips.

She spends her life, to weave dreams for us.

She is a great warrior, As she always protects us from evil.

It’s a mother , who can sacrifice her comforts to ease her children’s life.

Mother’s love is the divine blessings. And God sent his blessings in a mother ‘s form.

Her love is like a star fruit. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour. At the moment she is angry on our miscreants. And the next moment she smiles at our innocence.

Her love nourishes us our entire life and beyond.

I love you “Maa“(Mother) always. Whether you’re with me or not. As I know your blessings are forever with me………💐🍀

……………………….written by Sushma S.✍📜


God exists in the embodiment of parents.

Parents are our lifegivers, our identity, Our childhood ‘s blessed with parent’s love & guidance.

They taught the lessons of life, Shaped us for future. Our life is immense , with their legacy.

Their blessings are countless in our life.

Children are parent’s dreams and future. Their dreams grow and live within us. Those are so fortunate who got the blessings of their parents.

We pray to God that may their love and blessings cherished us forever.

………………….By Sushma S.✍📜

☔🌧Monsoon 🌧☔

As the season of monsoon has reached, Rain bird has started to dance in my heart.

My heart blossomed with rain drops, like wasps buzzed over the blooming flowers.

This changed weather has changed the scenery of valleys . Mists covered the colour of sky.

Rain has satisfied the soil of barren land,   And fragrance of soil has changed the aroma of environment.

Monsoon brought the season of love with himself, The rain’s first drop is the reflection of love for dried ponds.

Children started to sail their paper boat in Rain stream, Many fountains born again in this monsoon.

Monsoon became the canvas brush for Earth and  painted her with his reflection of love.

As the season of monsoon has reached, Rain bird has started to dance in my heart.

………………………By Sushma S.✍📜

Well these are my thoughts for monsoon season, but everybody has a different aspect of anything. So for Rain also……

Charlie Chaplin said ” I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying. “

Roger Miller said ” some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”

Thought of the Day

Gautam Buddha quotes:

What is the difference between ” I like you ” & ” I love you ” ?

Beautiful answered by Buddha. When you like a flower 🌷, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower 🌷,you water it daily. You take care of it.

” One who understand this, understand life “.

Almonds ladoo(Healthy sweets)🍽

Almonds” a rich dry fruit ,contained vitamin E, minerals, protein, fiber & unsaturated fat which are helpful to reduce bad cholesterol.


Even almonds are appeared in the first book of the Bible , “Genesis”, as a prized food given as gifts.

Some research said that having 14gm of almonds every day will keep you energetic the whole day. But almond is a little hard and tasteless nut for children. While almonds are equally beneficial for young children and adults. But kids are kids ,they will have only those foods which are tasty.

Well as a mother it’s a tough task for me too that my kid will have it regularly.

So, I converted this nut into a sweet dish.


Cooking Time: 30 – 35 minutes


1. Almonds 200 gm

2. Powder sugar or jaggery powder 50 gm

3. Other dry fruits like raisins, dessicated coconut (optional)

4. Milk 2 tbsp


1. First we will grind almonds in mixer grinder & make a fine powder of it.

2. Put a frying pan on the low medium flamed burner & pour grinded almonds on it , roast it for 2 minutes, add powdered sugar & mix it well. You can add other dry fruits also for increasing taste and flavour. But it’s completely optional.

3. Now add 2 tbsp of milk & mix it for one minute. Switch off the flame & leave the mixture for cooling.

4. After half an hour you can make a small – small ladoos from the mixture and You can store it in a jar for one week.

Well my son liked its taste & I gave him one piece every day.

I believed that cooking methods can be different but sweets taste only sweet.👩‍🍳

Holiday in The Village ðŸŒ³ðŸ•ðŸŒ³

It was a holiday, when we went to visit our village.

To spend a holiday, we choose our destination a village.

It was far away from our city but closed to our heart.

We woke up early, packed up our luggage with light stuffs.

Everyone was ready with their baggage, like they were going to spend the whole summer season.

We jumped to sit on the bus ,supposed it was our playground.

As bus started to move, we moved to the world of sleep with speedy wind.

While we were sleeping in the bus but our inner soul(mind) already reached the village.

When we reached to our destination ,the fragrance of fresh soil awakened us with its aroma.

The purity of the environment purified our impure mind like the water purifier removed the impurities of water.

We saw as many things which were connected to the nature, that could not be possible to had seen in our city.

We saw a open sky here that we missed in our city, saw the field of waving trees & the children who were swinging on the trees.

We felt like our adventurous day had been just started, no sign of tiredness from the journey.

Grandma was calling us to reached home before evening but we were just busy with our mischievous journey(holiday).

She made the lemon shikanji (lemonade)for us, to freshened up our energy.

Still I remembered those holidays masti(enjoyment) of childhood, which we spent in our village.

Remembering those memories made me nostalgic ,indulged me with cherished moments.

Those moments when we climbed on the trees to pluck the fresh fruits, while we mostly plucked unripe fruits.

Our holiday journey like a never ending treasure hunt, filled with unforgettable tasks.

Our holiday stories like a unending story, I always missed those endless moments of joy in every holiday.

………………written by Sushma S.📒✍

Poetry (Part- lll)

Poetry is the incarnation of some verses,

Verses are the ambivalent of words .

Words are connected with thoughts.

Thoughts are inborn emotions.

Life is filled with emotions.

Emotions continue its cycle with ages.

When emotions rotate its cycle,

Then, sometimes thoughts dwell with cherished emotions.

And sometimes thoughts agitate with unpleasant emotions.

And sometimes thoughts emerge with phantasm emotions.

And sometimes thoughts relish with fortunate emotions.

And sometimes thoughts whine with devastated emotions.

And sometimes thoughts are silent with emotions of serenity……..


By Sushma S.📜✍

Being a woman

Endurance gave us immense.

A body for life journey,

And gave the whole sky to think.

There were many stoppages in the journey of life

But thoughts didn’t stop.

Life on the go,

The age limit kept decreasing.

But the journey of thoughts,

Created an infinite limit for itself.

In every form, in every direction,

Taught to mold life

This journey of thoughts,

Which goes with life.

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