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Mutual Thoughts

Admired confidence in a exclusive way,

Overjoyed to hear more precisely .

Asked, how do you deliberate so well?

Such a generous knowledge replied promptly,

A little bit of my passion,

Passion with a philosophical mode,

And a long way journey of thoughts.

Delighted by this interacting.

Matching thoughts create a mutual feelings,

Sometimes frequently disappointment turned into negativity ,

Such a thought driven slightly aback,

A never formed opinion,

Creates no expectations.

Such experienced tendencies ,

Sometimes turned into nasty experiences.

People believed,

Women are perceived to be understanding.

An utter amusements ,

Conjured a roaring laughter,

A true laugh with whole heartedly.

Contagious laughter started,

Time passed quickly in this togetherness.

A togetherness of mutual thoughts.

………………………………by Sushma S.✍📜


Published by Sushmasuman

I'm a nature loving person, do little writing, sketching, cooking & reading.

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