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“Never Ending wait”…..🙇‍♀️🧳🚍

         Someone was waiting at the bus stop, while it was raining like cats & dogs. At least he wasn’t able to see the face from his window.

Because of the stormy weather, no electricity he wasn’t able to sleep. So,he  went to check it again, but because of heavy rain, there was low visibility & still he couldn’t see anything clearly. This made him more perplexed. While he was lying on the bed,but continuously thinking who was there? So,he woke up again and tried to see from his binocular. And he saw that there was a girl with the luggage . But still he couldn’t see her face clearly.

   Made him more curious why she was waiting there from so much long time in such a stormy night ? His mind started playing quiz with him. Who was she? Why she was alone? Why no one came for her? Did she elope from her home? His mind was filled with so many thoughts.

    He continuously checked her status, the whole night. And she was always there alone. Now, it was going to be sunrise & rain had stopped too. But no one came for her,why? Such types of questions he was continuously thinking.

  When he became more worried then he thought he would go there personally & ask her. He got up & took a umbrella and went to the door. But the door was stuck very badly that it wouldn’t open. He became more furious & went to near his window to call someone for help. But he became more surprised.

(No, the girl was not gone. She was still at the bus stop. She was not in his building compound. Then,what?)

   Actually there were lots of police men around his building.

After seeing them he became more tensed. But still he shouted for help. But every body was in a big rush.

He tried to figure out the situation  & heard some folks were gossiping that “it happened last night.” That person was going somewhere hurriedly & because of rain he didn’t see the speedy truck which hit him very badly and he died at the accidental spot .

    Now, this time he wanted to know more about of the dead person . So he tried to see the dead body. But it was covered with white sheets & there was blood strains scattered. He had no courage to see any further.

    So, he again started to see the girl & she was still sitting there. Suddenly he realized that someone opened his door. He went to check it & yes, it was opened. He didn’t understand who locked him inside & now who opened it? But he thought he would figure out those things later. So,at first he went downstairs and saw there were lots of people talking to each other about the incident. He also thought to inquire about the incident . But before inquiring about of anything he wanted to meet that girl. He reached the bus stop.

  The girl was sleeping & her face was covered with her scarf. But he became ecstatic to see her face. So,he tried to woke her up. But suddenly his eyes were stopped on a Diary, which she was holding very tightly.

  After some hesitation he grasped that Diary and started reading. The girl penned down her love story very beautifully . After reading the first page he could not stop himself to read further.  He started to fall in love with her. After each turning pages his love was growing . While he was lost in her words, a paper had fallen down on the floor. He picked up & noticed that it was a folded photograph. He unfolded the photograph & Diary banged on the floor. She woke up with the sound. She saw that her Diary & the photograph were on the floor. She thought maybe be it was fallen down from her hands while she was sleeping. She  collected her things & cleaned the dust on the photograph and kissed .

It was his photograph. She was waiting for him and he was just there standing with teary eyes. But it was his soul ,who was not agree to leave her alone. He was not able to fulfill his promises ,which he made before.

His deceptive mind played game with his emotions while he was not alive.

He was continuously seeing her & her never ended wait. He wanted to be with her , hold her in his arms, convey his final goodbye but………………..

This story is dedicated to all those waits which never ended & reached its destination. It continued……..

…………………………by Sushma S.✍📜🍀


Published by Sushmasuman

I'm a nature loving person, do little writing, sketching, cooking & reading.

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