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You & me

As the flower is incomplete without its fragrance,

Just like I’m incomplete without your love.

As the sky is embellished with Moon & stars ,

Just like I’m adorned with your love.

As the pearl lived inside the seashell,

Just like Your love lives deep inside in my heart.

As the nightwrap is decorated with twinkling stars,

Just like my life is beautified with your smile.

As the swan is incomplete without its partner,

Just like I’m incomplete without you.

As the poet composed her verses with her imagination,

Just like I embellish myself with your love.

As the lamp engenders the flame of passion, abolish the darkness.

Just like my world is lightened with your unconditional support & love.

………………………………by Sushma S.✍📜⚘


Inspiring Nature🦚🌈🌦🌈🦚

After seeing the rain shower,

The dancing peacocks,

The beauty of nature.

Aspiring poet inside me ,

Arise with her thoughts.

To describe my words,

Went inside the house,

Hold a paper,

But not found my fountain.

Grasped my kid’s pencil,

Came outside.

Oh! What happened ?

It’s a sunny day.

The rain showers stopped.

Missed my inspiration of poetry.

Nature played hide & seek with me.

To disappear my sadness,

A colorful rainbow appeared in the blue.

After seeing the nature’s portrait,

My poetry became more flourished.

…………………………by Sushma S.✍📜

Expression Of Love

My heart was depressed from your absence.

The magic of talking between two hearts, The language of love.

The secret of magical talking spread in the night.

It’s the reflection of your love, which made me passionate.

It’s the craft of your love, which made me vulnerable.

My heart wants to be vanished in your memories.

As moon is hiding behind the clouds, playing a blind’s man bluff with the stars.

As such your love is hiding behind your face, your memories are playing with my heart.

It’s the desire of my heart, that blowing breeze which touched your face will touch my soul.

Your love make my life beautified ,you’re the answers to all my questions.

The distance which apart us at the moment is the guest of this silent night & the witness of our love.

The way you’re tired up with me make me crazy, A single glance of your face made my innermost feelings jostling to be expressed.

Let this love distance journey to be continued. It’s the night of celebration, the Moon and stars are dancing, in this blissful moment.

I’m happy to see you in my dreams, Your love has stolen my sleep, But not my dream.

……………………..By Sushma S.✍📜

Thought of the day

A famous shloka(verse) of ” Shrimad Bhagwat Gita ” always motivates in my life, either I’m happy or sad. It illustrates our duties in our life & here’s the verse(shloka),which inspired me always;

।। कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन ।।

।। मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भुर्मा ते संगोऽस्त्वकर्मणि ।।

As much I understand the meaning of this verse(shloka) is that ” only our actions(work) are in our hand, its result is not in our hand. We’re destined to do our work(karma) & our actions will lead us to our destiny. So, without putting ourselves in dilemma or getting worried about of it that what would be the result of our actions(karma),we should only complete our actions/works/karma.”

This post is dedicated to my 100+ co followers and some of their inspiring posts & comments which motivates me & my writing. And thanks to WordPress to provide us such a expressive platform where you can write your own thoughts in any form and read many more thoughts & creativity from all over the world. Thanks to everyone……😊✍

Mother “Maa”

She who gives birth to humanity, is known as “Maa”(Mother).

Her life is the symbol of dedication & love .

She lives her life to provide comfort in her children’s life.

She’s a melodious singer ,As humming lullabies are always on her lips.

She spends her life, to weave dreams for us.

She is a great warrior, As she always protects us from evil.

It’s a mother , who can sacrifice her comforts to ease her children’s life.

Mother’s love is the divine blessings. And God sent his blessings in a mother ‘s form.

Her love is like a star fruit. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour. At the moment she is angry on our miscreants. And the next moment she smiles at our innocence.

Her love nourishes us our entire life and beyond.

I love you “Maa“(Mother) always. Whether you’re with me or not. As I know your blessings are forever with me………💐🍀

……………………….written by Sushma S.✍📜


God exists in the embodiment of parents.

Parents are our lifegivers, our identity, Our childhood ‘s blessed with parent’s love & guidance.

They taught the lessons of life, Shaped us for future. Our life is immense , with their legacy.

Their blessings are countless in our life.

Children are parent’s dreams and future. Their dreams grow and live within us. Those are so fortunate who got the blessings of their parents.

We pray to God that may their love and blessings cherished us forever.

………………….By Sushma S.✍📜

☔🌧Monsoon 🌧☔

As the season of monsoon has reached, Rain bird has started to dance in my heart.

My heart blossomed with rain drops, like wasps buzzed over the blooming flowers.

This changed weather has changed the scenery of valleys . Mists covered the colour of sky.

Rain has satisfied the soil of barren land,   And fragrance of soil has changed the aroma of environment.

Monsoon brought the season of love with himself, The rain’s first drop is the reflection of love for dried ponds.

Children started to sail their paper boat in Rain stream, Many fountains born again in this monsoon.

Monsoon became the canvas brush for Earth and  painted her with his reflection of love.

As the season of monsoon has reached, Rain bird has started to dance in my heart.

………………………By Sushma S.✍📜

Well these are my thoughts for monsoon season, but everybody has a different aspect of anything. So for Rain also……

Charlie Chaplin said ” I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying. “

Roger Miller said ” some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”

Thought of the Day

Gautam Buddha quotes:

What is the difference between ” I like you ” & ” I love you ” ?

Beautiful answered by Buddha. When you like a flower 🌷, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower 🌷,you water it daily. You take care of it.

” One who understand this, understand life “.

Almonds ladoo(Healthy sweets)🍽

Almonds” a rich dry fruit ,contained vitamin E, minerals, protein, fiber & unsaturated fat which are helpful to reduce bad cholesterol.


Even almonds are appeared in the first book of the Bible , “Genesis”, as a prized food given as gifts.

Some research said that having 14gm of almonds every day will keep you energetic the whole day. But almond is a little hard and tasteless nut for children. While almonds are equally beneficial for young children and adults. But kids are kids ,they will have only those foods which are tasty.

Well as a mother it’s a tough task for me too that my kid will have it regularly.

So, I converted this nut into a sweet dish.


Cooking Time: 30 – 35 minutes


1. Almonds 200 gm

2. Powder sugar or jaggery powder 50 gm

3. Other dry fruits like raisins, dessicated coconut (optional)

4. Milk 2 tbsp


1. First we will grind almonds in mixer grinder & make a fine powder of it.

2. Put a frying pan on the low medium flamed burner & pour grinded almonds on it , roast it for 2 minutes, add powdered sugar & mix it well. You can add other dry fruits also for increasing taste and flavour. But it’s completely optional.

3. Now add 2 tbsp of milk & mix it for one minute. Switch off the flame & leave the mixture for cooling.

4. After half an hour you can make a small – small ladoos from the mixture and You can store it in a jar for one week.

Well my son liked its taste & I gave him one piece every day.

I believed that cooking methods can be different but sweets taste only sweet.👩‍🍳

Holiday in The Village 🌳🏕🌳

It was a holiday, when we went to visit our village.

To spend a holiday, we choose our destination a village.

It was far away from our city but closed to our heart.

We woke up early, packed up our luggage with light stuffs.

Everyone was ready with their baggage, like they were going to spend the whole summer season.

We jumped to sit on the bus ,supposed it was our playground.

As bus started to move, we moved to the world of sleep with speedy wind.

While we were sleeping in the bus but our inner soul(mind) already reached the village.

When we reached to our destination ,the fragrance of fresh soil awakened us with its aroma.

The purity of the environment purified our impure mind like the water purifier removed the impurities of water.

We saw as many things which were connected to the nature, that could not be possible to had seen in our city.

We saw a open sky here that we missed in our city, saw the field of waving trees & the children who were swinging on the trees.

We felt like our adventurous day had been just started, no sign of tiredness from the journey.

Grandma was calling us to reached home before evening but we were just busy with our mischievous journey(holiday).

She made the lemon shikanji (lemonade)for us, to freshened up our energy.

Still I remembered those holidays masti(enjoyment) of childhood, which we spent in our village.

Remembering those memories made me nostalgic ,indulged me with cherished moments.

Those moments when we climbed on the trees to pluck the fresh fruits, while we mostly plucked unripe fruits.

Our holiday journey like a never ending treasure hunt, filled with unforgettable tasks.

Our holiday stories like a unending story, I always missed those endless moments of joy in every holiday.

………………written by Sushma S.📒✍

Poetry (Part- lll)

Poetry is the incarnation of some verses,

Verses are the ambivalent of words .

Words are connected with thoughts.

Thoughts are inborn emotions.

Life is filled with emotions.

Emotions continue its cycle with ages.

When emotions rotate its cycle,

Then, sometimes thoughts dwell with cherished emotions.

And sometimes thoughts agitate with unpleasant emotions.

And sometimes thoughts emerge with phantasm emotions.

And sometimes thoughts relish with fortunate emotions.

And sometimes thoughts whine with devastated emotions.

And sometimes thoughts are silent with emotions of serenity……..


By Sushma S.📜

Being a woman

Endurance gave us immense.

A body for life journey,

And gave the whole sky to think.

There were many stoppages in the journey of life

But thoughts didn’t stop.

Life on the go,

The age limit kept decreasing.

But the journey of thoughts,

Created an infinite limit for itself.

In every form, in every direction,

Taught to mold life

This journey of thoughts,

Which goes with life.

Being a woman

Endurance gave us immense. A body for life journey, And gave the whole sky to think. There were many stoppages in the journey of life But thoughts didn’t stop. Life on the go, The age limit kept decreasing. But the journey of thoughts, Created an infinite limit for itself. In every form, in every direction, […]

Being a woman

Dear Thoughts-(Part ll)

O! My dear thoughts,

Why are you so silent?

Why don’t you think about of poetry?

A beautiful poetry

A poetry of some magical verses

I know

You have lost yourself

To find a peace

I’m tired of my day to day activity

But you can’t

Maybe you’re tired inside me

But words are still waiting

For your verses

To become a poetry

Maybe you’ll find your peace

With your poetry.

To be continued…..

Silence-( Part l )

Feel the silence

Sitting on my balcony at midnight

Seeing the cloudy sky

Felt the silence of clouds

Felt the silence of wind

Felt the silence of stars

Felt the silence of trees

Felt the silence of garden

Felt the silence of words

Felt the silence of thought

Felt the silence inside me

Tried to find the silence of peace.

To be continued….

Lost Golden Dreams

I was the owner of golden dreams

Only my heart knew

The secret of my golden dreams

Which had been lost somewhere

With passing times

Those lost dreams are my own desires

My love of life

Now the shadow of dreams are left only

With passing times

They left me alone

I never thought the separation from

The shadow of my golden dreams

Those dreams ,

The desire of their completeness are purpose of my life.

I never thought to be departed from

The thought of my golden dreams

Whenever I saw the sunset,

The radiance of the nature

Dusky evening silently appeared in my balcony

Making my dreams alive again

Giving it the golden wings

Constantly appearing in patio of my thoughts

Lighted the beacon of my lost dreams

Giving it golden radiance.

Felt alive again with the memory of golden dreams

My lost golden dreams.

Story – “sorry “

It’s a story of happy & ideal family. Where grandparents, parents & kids are living altogether.

Both parents were working. So mostly grandparents took care of the kids when they came back from their school.

By nature kids love to do miscreants. Every day they did something like that.

One day when they were playing cricket inside the house ,by mistakenly they broke their TV. Afraid of being scolded by their parents, they started crying and went to their grandparents and told them about the incident . They told their grandparents they are truly sorry for the loss and won’t do it again. After hearing everything they realized that kids were scared of the incident and their parents anger. So, they will take the blame on themselves. Kids became happy & started playing again.

And when their parents came back from their work , their grandparents told everything as they promised with the kids. Kids were also there & listening everything and they were surprised that their parents didn’t say anything to their grandparents. At the night they thanked their grandparents from saving them from their parents anger. Their grandparents smiled and said just keep your promise.

Time passed and they always did such types of miscreants again and again. And whenever their parents asked they put a blame on their grandparents. And saved themselves from getting scolded.

But one day their grandparents became aware of the kids stories of lie. And when their grandmother asked about of their lie ,they said they were sorry & won’t do it again. But they did mistake and blamed their grandparents again.  After seeing kids behaviour they got disheartened & stopped talking to them. Specially their grandmother, she stopped talking to any family members.  While before she told the fairy tales, played with them ,made their favorite snacks & many more things.

After sometimes kids were getting upset   from their grandmother’s silence. They talked to her  but she didn’t say anything.

Kids decided they will asked their mother. And when they told about their grandmother’s behaviour ,she promised to their kids that she will talk to her.

The very next morning she went to talk to her  & asked about of her behavior. At first grandmother didn’t say anything,  but then she told her if you have any problem you have to discuss with us . So,we could solve it. After that grandmother told everything,  how the kids were continuously blaming them and telling a lie to save themselves from getting scolded. And how they’re continuously breaking their promises. She understood the situation and gave her word that it won’t happen again.

While kids were waiting outside from the room their mother came out from the grandparents room. They were curious to know the things . So,they asked their mother why the grandmother was upset? Then, she told them about their miscreants, their lies, how they continuously blaming their grandparents, not keeping the promises. But she didn’t scold the kids. After listening everything kids ‘eyes were full with tears and they said that they were truly sorry about of it & earlier they said sorry to their grandparents also. Then their mother said but you didn’t keep your promises. There’s no meaning of “sorry ” if you are not feeling from your heart or truly. That’s why your grandmother was upset.

“Sorry ” works when a mistake is made ,but not when trust is broken. So, in life, make mistakes but never break trust. Because forgiving is easy, but forgetting & trusting again is sometimes impossible.

After hearing their mother’s word they went to their grandparents and said give us one more chance, you won’t be disappointed again. Their grandparents became agree with this promise. Because they were also not happy to see their grandchildren’s sorrow. This time they were trying to keep their promises ,while they were doing mistakes but rather than blaming others they accepted their punishment. And they also started enjoying their grandmother’s stories, snacks.

They got their lesson from their parents & grandparents.

You and I

Inter weaved together, you and I

Never to be parted, you and I

Through searing sunrays

Through stormy dark days

Walking the path of love

Dreams of you consuming me

Day and night

Like spring surrounding me

Never leaving my sight.

Thoughts of you covering me

With passing time

Like a storyteller telling me

It’s a deception of my eye.

The love of pain reached there

Where is no track to go back .

Golgappa – weekend special snack😋

Golgappa – our Childhood’s Phuchka 🤤

Golgappa, a mouthwatering snack & also called Panipuri. It’s related to our childhood miscreants.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 30 – 40 minutes

Serving time : 5 minutes

Ingredients :

1. Semolina (Rava)3 1cup

2. All purpose flour (maida)1/4 cup

3. Four medium sized potato

4. Three medium sized onion

5. Green chilli (optional)

6. Chaat masala 3 tbsp

7. Panipuri masala 3tbsp

8. Cumin powder  1tbsp

9. Red chilli powder 1/2 tbsp

10. Coriander powder 1/2 tbsp

11. Aloo bhujia (namkeen snack)

12. Salt to taste

13. Cooking oil

Cooking Method:

1. Boiled the potatoes.

2. Put semolina & maida in a bowl. Add salt to taste & knead a tight dough with lukewarm water. Cover the dough with wetted muslin cloth for half an hour.

3. Finely chopped onion .

4. Now mashed the boiled potatoes in a bowl,  add chaat masala, chili powder, cumin  powder , coriander powder, chopped onion, green chili, salt to taste, aloo bhujia & mix it. Panipuri’s stuffing is ready.

5. After 1/2 an hour remove the muslin cloth and knead the dough again for 2 minutes. Now roll small-small size puri or you can make a big chapati size & cut small pieces with round shape cutter & leave it for 2 -3 minutes.

6. Put a frying pan on the flame . Pour cooking oil in it & fry the puris from the both side till it turned golden brown. Keep it in a plate.

7. Now prepare the spicy water for golgappa. Take 500 ml water in a bowl, add 3 tbsp Panipuri masala, salt to taste, 1 tbsp chaat masala & mix it well.

8. Break the upper layer of Puri and filled the Panipuri stuffing which we made with potatoes.

9. You can garnish it with chopped onions & dip in a spicy water and have it quickly because water will make it soft. And feel the taste of crispy crunch of puri & sour- sweet, the piquant flavor of its water altogether in a single golgappa puri.

I always thought because of its spicy water its name will be Panipuri. Without spicy water its piquant flavor will be missed.

When the spicy water & puri meet, it becomes a complete mouth watery snack 🤤.

My Dear Son

Love you always

O! My dear son

My day starts with your rise

My life runs after running back to you

My life is for you.

You gave me the meaning of my life.

You made me accomplished.

Whenever I saw in your twinkling eyes

I saw myself in heaven.

When you started to walk

I felt like

I climbed on the mount Everest.

When you smile

My happiness fly high with pinion in the sky .

When you cry

My heart stops breathing.

Your happiness is the reason of my life.

Your sweet talks

Played music in my ears.

I felt like

I’m listening a fairy tales.

When you call me mother

I felt like

I born again.

You bring the happiness in my life.

Nothing can be happier than being a mother.

May be sometimes I’ll be angry with you

But you won’t be the reason for my failure

Certainly that’ll be me

Who will unfulfilled her job being a mother.

Then ,

May God will forgive me for my unfulfillment !

I love you my dearest son

Love you so much.

I’m connected with you as much

As my life connected with my breath.

You’re my Universe.

May God bless you with the happiness of whole world !

Love bonded relationships.

You bonded me with motherhood.

O ! My dearest son

I love you so much.

Just Like

Just like death your absence would be

Just like death is time apart

Just like the lonesome river finding her sea

Finding you is finding me

Just like fragments of a former self

Unless in you, I discover myself

Just like a stranger to myself

Unless your arms entwine me

Just like a rapidly  sinking mirage

Only to shimmer in your presence

Just like a vessel lost at sea

Yet so securely anchored in me

Just like death your absence would feel

Just like an unspoken tongue

All words seems alien to me

Only silence can whisper my heart desires

Just like petals at dawn

Your eyes sparkle in the mist

Just like a stargazer combing the sky

I search for that gaze

Just like dewdrops shining at daybreak

To fade away as the day begins

Let me shine and fade away

It’s with you my life begins

Just like death your absence would be

Just like death is time apart

Just like the lonesome river finding her sea

Finding you is finding me .

Note: These verses are from the movie Shikara’ s song “Mar jaye hum”.

Poet of Passing Moments

I’m the poet of passing moments

Passing moments are my life’s journey

Alive by the passing moments

Passing moments are my adolescence

I’m the poet of passing moments

Many poets came earlier to me,

And many will come after me

They came & gone with passing moments

Some had returned back with their moaning

Some had gone after sing their verses

These rhymesters are the storyteller of the passing moments

I’ll also become the stories of passing moments.

I’ll get my farewell with passing times.

That passing moments made me the rhymester

To tell the stories of passing moments

To sing the verses of legendary poets

I’m the poet of passing moments

That passing moment will continue its journey

Many more will keep coming with passing moments

To sing their rhymes

To show the world

Their blossoming verses

These stories of the passing moments will be changed

By better rhymesters and better listeners

We’ll be remembered by our verses

But why we’ll be remembered in the passing moments?

I’m the poet of passing moments


Ego tested friendship

The story revolves around the friendship of two friends. Both of them started their journey of friendship from their childhood. Both were as much connected to each other that whenever one of them missed his classes their classmates started to tease another one that “How pair of two swans were separated !”

Their families lived nearby to each other. So,they went together for their schooling, colleging . Both were completely different by nature , but their heart was connected with their friendship. Where one was quiet there another was talkative.

Both complemented each other.

Time passed and their paths divided according to their destination and circumstances. One friend has lost his mother & became devastated. While his friend was always there with his condolences and cheered his friends up. But every relationship has its own bonding. Because of the grievance that friend had to leave this city . That place had never allowed him to let go off from his mother’s untimely death .

So,he left the city with heavy heart. He promised his friend that he was only living the city not friendship.

While he always wanted his friend accompanied him but his friend was bonded with his own relationship.

The distance between places can stopped them only to see each other daily but couldn’t stop the bonding of friendship.

They gave each other bid – adieu with heavy heart.

Time passed, they became engaged in their life, achieving their goals. But they didn’t forget to call each other daily and sharing their experiences. And they also met occasionally to celebrate their success.

But time started to fly very fastly as their responsibilities started to grow rapidly. So, first they started to meet rarely, talk occasionally & then suddenly it stopped .

But they never forget each other from their hearts. They always mentioned each other when they were talking with their family. Sharing his childhood memories with their kids. But didn’t call each other.

Both were waiting for each other’s call. Ego had covered the bonding of friendship.

Everyday they checked each other’s life activities on social apps. Pressing phone’s keypad every day but not called.

Ego had casted its spell on their friendship.

Why we checked our childhood best friend’s status every day in our phone but not go one step forward to call him & say him how’re you, why didn’t you call me yet ?


It was around midnight,

Completely tired,

My eyes were waiting for sleep

Suddenly a melodious voice came

And my eyes were filled with joy

Ohh! You’re still lying on bed

Wake up,

Now we have to go very far.

We have to dive in the galaxy

Fly over the clouds.

I told her surprisingly

I don’t know swimming,

I have no wings.

But, if you want to teach me

Then, I want to get drowned in the galaxy

I want to play with birds.

But, after listening my words

There was a silence,

She laughed a little and said,

No, we don’t have to get drowned,

We have to swim,

We have to fly

And as far as my ear was listening

Tried to follow the voice

I heard

Melodious voice of a flute .

Then,I woke up from my dream

And perceived

It was my fantasy,

To which I was chasing in my dreams.


Words are chosen by us

We’re not chosen by words

But our words described our identity

Professions are chosen by us

We’re not chosen by profession

But our professions gave success or failure in our lives.

Stories are told by us

We’re not told by stories

But sometimes we’re mentioned in other’s stories .

Hard Work is chosen by us

We’re not chosen by hard works

But success chose us from our hard work.

We’re chosen by destiny

Destiny is not chosen by us

But our actions (karma) destined our fate.


Wishes are for those who need a shelter,

For those who need a food,

For those who need a hug.

Wishes are for those great people

Who want to spread joy in this universe

Wishes are for those fearless birds

Who want to fly in the open sky

Wishes are for those mothers strength

Who are awaken

So that their kids can get sleep

Wishes are for those lovers agony

Who are far away from each other

Wishes are for those children innocence

Who want to meet their fairy in the dreams

Wishes are for those kind heartened people

Who are working quietly to help the needy ones

And lastly

But no , there can’t be a last wish

Wishes will continue for those

Whoever needed one.

May God fulfill all those wishes

Which are wished for needy ones.

Don’t Go Outside

Whenever you’re unhappy my mind

Do some yoga

As told by experts

Construct stress free mind

But don’t go outside

Whenever you’re unhappy my mind

After seeing raining outside  ,

Don’t be upset for not get wetted in rain.

Splash some water on your face

But don’t go outside

Whenever you’re unhappy my mind

After seeing spring’s magic,

Field of blooming flowers .

Take crayons

Draw some colorful flowers.

But don’t go outside.

Whenever you’re unhappy my mind

Missing to see your loved ones.

Make a video call ,

Talk to them on the phone.

Use technology benefits

But don’t go outside.

Note: Stay safe during this pandemic.

The Authority of Poetry

The authority of poetry is

Get drowned in coming monsoon

Get flattered on blooming buds

Confronted life’s problems happily

Be seated on the bough of autumn

Waiting for the first seedlings of season

Welcoming the gale-storm

Be affectionate with nature

Spend those saved tears

Which kept for consoling

My poetry

Also following the same journey

With same authority .

Note: This poetry is inspired by Vairamuthu’s poems(Tamil Poet).

Agony of a River

I was a calm river

Why you touched its stream ?

I was flowing in my direction .

Why you turned its direction?

Why you touched my clean stream?

Touching my stream again and again

Why you teased me?

Do you want to get drowned in it?

So, you touched my stream again and again.

Don’t you know that

Every river is destined to meet its ocean.

You’re not that ocean

In which I will converge.

You’re not that rudder

Which will be accompanied by my stream.

You’re not that shore

Those who came by my aside.


Sometimes I thought

I get lost in my thoughts

Became demented by darkness of thoughts

Enjoying life by blooming of thoughts

Confused myself by uncertainty of thoughts

Got into arguments by disputed thoughts

Being in love by loveable thoughts

Stayed out of focus by confusing thoughts

Moving forward by enthusiastic thoughts

Being drowsy by idle thoughts

Having a fantasy by dreams of thoughts

Feeling divined by serenity of thoughts

Written some verse by poetic thoughts

Thought, Thought, Thought

Life is a journey of thoughts

But these are just my thoughts.

Pleasure (Joy being a mother)

I hold on the journey of life

Waiting for pleasure

Moments came & gone

But the season of my life didn’t change

Waiting for pleasure

Life went on the quest

Took many turning

But didn’t get it

Which I considered my happiness

Waiting for a little bud

I stopped hope for my life

Heard the words of people

But haven’t broken

I preserved my wait

I’m breaking every passing moments

But no one acknowledged my feelings.

NOTE: These words are dedicated to those mother’s pain who wanted to be a mother. But sometimes God has different plans for them.

Coconut ladoo (sweets)

Coconut sweets 😋

It’s a festival time in India. And we Indians are very fond of sweets. During festivals we offer sweets to God as a Prasad(Bhog) . It’s a quick and easy recipe. No need to burn your flame.

Total Time : 10 – 15 minutes


1. Coconut powder dessicated (200 gm)

2. Sugar powder or Jaggery powder (100 gm)

3. Milk powder (50 gm)

4. Desi ghee ( 1 tbsp)

5 Water (1 to 2 tbsb)

6. Green cardamom powder one pinch (optional)

7. Other dry fruits for garnishing (optional)

Method: Take a clean bowl according to your quantity & mix all the ingredients in the bowl. Now apply little ghee on both of your palm & make small – small ball (ladoo) from the mix ingredients & keep it in a plate. You can garnish it by chopped dry fruits but it’s optional. Now ladoo is ready for prasad or to be served. It tastes so delicious that can’t be explained here. Only its taste will tell the secret.

During this pandemic this sweet recipe is one of my favorite & easy to make. Anyone can make it. My family members loved its taste.

There’s only one reason for sharing my method of this recipe is “stay safe” during this pandemic.

“Cooking methods can be different but sweets taste only sweet. “🙂

Road (Roadway)

On the road that unseen,

Was the mist of nature

Or was the moisture in my eyes,

In my moments of waiting,

Don’t know why my eyes went on the road ,

Thought I’d like to see,

This open sky

And the fluttering of numerous birds,

But hearing hubbub from the road ,

My eyes just went to that side .

The sky was placid ,

Birds were also absent in his court ,

Because the day was over ,

Evening was also ready to welcome

The night chariot ,

To set up his own court,

Night had prevailed the darkness

The feeling of autumn started to pinch

With his cold wind.

Twinkling stars were hidden

Behind the haze of mist.

Eyes weren’t able to reach the far-spread sky,

This gap was widened further,

With these high street buildings.

Road clamor has conquered,

On the tranquil of the sky.

Because in the moments of waiting,

Those eyes who used to gaze

To the unbounded sky,

Now they runs,

At the speed of the road.

Lonely life

Sometimes you and sometimes thinking about of you have persecuted me,

Every moment your face lives in these eyes.

I have no agony with your rudeness .

I have always been persecuted by saying your right.

But why are you afraid to tell mines.

A feeling awakens in my heart,

Coming to you is a bit of panic in the mind,

If you touch, I’am limited in myself.

What kind of attachment is your touch ,

Is it magic of yours or a confluence of heart ,

I have been mesmerized by influence of your love.

Every moment , my eyes are just waiting for you.

Don’t know how many nights I have spent awaken,

Trying to only forget you.

When you are not mine,

Then why did you come so close to me,

Now how can I go away from you

How I’ll love someone again ,

While I hide all of my sufferings in my smile.

But how do I hide my sorrow to myself ,

Even if I convince myself,

But how to explain this heart,

Which beats for you, by remembering you.

But it’s necessity for my broken heart to comfort it,

I’ll come over from my feelings, forget you thinking as a dream.

Breaths will continue to stay away from you,

Because I have a habbit of spending lonely life.


Don’t take away our dreams by showing us dreams,

If the pen is held up for reading,

So, don’t stop our steps moving forward.

Life has found a new light,

With a sparkling lamp like lore.

Who has shown these eyes to the future like rising stars.

How to find your identity in the world

It’s thought of with great desires.

We have put on wings with great wishes,

My mind has taken flight in these open anticipations.

Now don’t stop our life stream,

Let’s flow in this flow ,

Until meets to the ocean,

That hold us in our arms,

Then we also dissolved in his breath.

And together make those dreams come true,

What these eyes have seen for years.


Today when I saw the sun ,

There was great heat in its light ,

Burning like a fireball.

It looked very quiet from far away,

Still it was dazzling the eyes.

As if sitting alone in this infinite sky ,

Saying that there’s no one like me,

Because my presence gave you the feel of morning,

I gave you the gift of light ,

I brought the luminary ,

Spread my aura of rays ,

Smile away

Sometimes I got angry,

I add some heat to these rays .

As soon as the fire of anger subsides,

Flying in the sky, sometimes white, sometimes black ,

I hide among the sheets of clouds.

I started playing with these clouds.

Then when I came out of these clouds ,

It seemed in the desolation of clouds ,

I awakened from pandiculation .

Didn’t know when the evening started,

The day began to wane

And I had to go to the distant land.

Probably come again tomorrow after leaving

I will bring the luminary again ,

And make me feel the morning again.


The eyelids were heavy from sleep,

Still sleep was out of the eyes.

The night was called to sleep,

Still your memory was awakening me.

And don’t know what the eyes were waiting for.

When the morning rays were awakening,

So don’t know what dreams were lost.

Sunlight ,when inside the room ,

So the folds of the body,

It was awaken like this,

Like a raw bud,

Before its bloom.


I had a dream last night,

Saw someone in the dream.

But this one had hurt me,

He used to say sweet things in dreams,

But in reality I had bitter memories of him,

Not knowing how many colors to show,

He stole my peace.

Whenever I remembered him,

He only gave a tear in my eyes.

That was with my life,

As time passed, I missed his company.

He remained behind with those memories,

Whatever he ever gave me.

But still he would give me a voice from behind,

Forced to be lost in itself,

The more I go away from it,

Want to forget that,

The same he would come to me and say that

I’ll cover a lot from your life right now,

I’ll leave them only in your memory.

Because with every passing moment of time,

My scope will continue to grow,

And you won’t be able to do anything.

Whatever I have come to get,

I’ll take it from you.

Because as time goes on, it becomes mine,

And you won’t be able to do anything.

Because I am past,

Am with everyone.

And I’ll always knock in your memories,

Sometimes with tears in your eyes,

Sometimes with a smile on your face.


Now you have to come & go,

Just in memories.

See you too,

Just in memories.

We still live today

In his memory.

Our breath is also moving,

By remembering them.

Every heartbeat is also beating,

From his memories.

We like to burn even in the fire of pain,

Just by remembering you.

Waiting in the morning as the stars wake up overnight,

Our eyelids have also prevented the knock of sleep,

Looking forward to your memories.

Investors Old or Bold

It is said that” there are old investors ,there are bold investors, but there are no bold and old investors. “

Actually I was listening these things from my husband. No one can be perfect in investing.

While I thought if your all investment are going in a positive direction then that person is perfect in investing & if your investment results are negative then you should leave that investment business there . One should not bet more.

But my husband has a completely different theory. First is one should not invest that money which is fix for every month. Second is invest that money which you’re keeping in bank ,FD money , money for jewellery purchasing or unnecessary shopping list, etc. And many more points are there which he told me every day.

Well at some points I thought may be he is right , because keeping jewellery at home is really risky. So, I thought I should invest that money which I kept for that purpose. And doing that thing can give anyone peaceful sleep.  But when you saw your investments are declining day by day then this one gave me really a sadistic feeling. Well  then I started arguing with my husband why you gave me a lesson about of investment.  It would be better for me if I purchased jewellery rather than investing. Then he told me I just gave you suggestions & still you are not getting my point. And it’s you should not invest that money which is fixed for every month. And he always told me if you bought something else instead of investing then what, could you resell those products in higher prices? No, you can’t because clothing , accessories, gadgets ,etc. prices are declined. While gold is exception but sometimes it happened with gold also.

So, staying in investment one should have to keep patience. While “Luck” is always important but it’s not in our hand.

And, I also saw my investment is growing or declining. But sometime I felt that I was controlling the money or money was controlling me. Well when my investment is growing I thought I am controlling but when declining it’s a vice-versa feeling.

Well there are many books on investment & many more agents always ready to give their expert advice . While they have it or not I always doubt, “Expert Advice “. And most interesting there are so many apps in the market for investment.

My husband started investment quite earlier. And I always noticed in his investment there are variety because he believed to invest in 10 business rather than 1 business.

And always telling me don’t increase your liability , increase your asset. So, for me he is a old investor.

And I considered myself as a bold investor because I chose investment instead of spending money in shopping, purchasing gold accessories.

But this investment business always comes with a precaution, “Do it in your own risk.”


When you started to feel, it started to hurt sometimes. Feelings make us happier and sad. It introduces all the stages of life. It provides our life content & dissatisfaction.

Mind,eyes,ear& heart are the equipments of feeling. They teach us how to feel, & moreover our inner soul guide us how to feel.

When you started to love & care someone, you will started to feel fear for him. But when you started to hate someone you will desperately want to evade from that .

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