Mother “Maa”

She who gives birth to humanity, is known as “Maa”(Mother).

Her life is the symbol of dedication & love .

She lives her life to provide comfort in her children’s life.

She’s a melodious singer ,As humming lullabies are always on her lips.

She spends her life, to weave dreams for us.

She is a great warrior, As she always protects us from evil.

It’s a mother , who can sacrifice her comforts to ease her children’s life.

Mother’s love is the divine blessings. And God sent his blessings in a mother ‘s form.

Her love is like a star fruit. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour. At the moment she is angry on our miscreants. And the next moment she smiles at our innocence.

Her love nourishes us our entire life and beyond.

I love you “Maa“(Mother) always. Whether you’re with me or not. As I know your blessings are forever with me………💐🍀

……………………….written by Sushma S.✍📜

Published by Sushmasuman

I'm a nature loving person, do little writing, sketching, cooking & reading.

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