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My Dear Son

Love you always

O! My dear son

My day starts with your rise

My life runs after running back to you

My life is for you.

You gave me the meaning of my life.

You made me accomplished.

Whenever I saw in your twinkling eyes

I saw myself in heaven.

When you started to walk

I felt like

I climbed on the mount Everest.

When you smile

My happiness fly high with pinion in the sky .

When you cry

My heart stops breathing.

Your happiness is the reason of my life.

Your sweet talks

Played music in my ears.

I felt like

I’m listening a fairy tales.

When you call me mother

I felt like

I born again.

You bring the happiness in my life.

Nothing can be happier than being a mother.

May be sometimes I’ll be angry with you

But you won’t be the reason for my failure

Certainly that’ll be me

Who will unfulfilled her job being a mother.

Then ,

May God will forgive me for my unfulfillment !

I love you my dearest son

Love you so much.

I’m connected with you as much

As my life connected with my breath.

You’re my Universe.

May God bless you with the happiness of whole world !

Love bonded relationships.

You bonded me with motherhood.

O ! My dearest son

I love you so much.


Published by Sushmasuman

I'm a nature loving person, do little writing, sketching, cooking & reading.

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