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Story – “sorry “

It’s a story of happy & ideal family. Where grandparents, parents & kids are living altogether.

Both parents were working. So mostly grandparents took care of the kids when they came back from their school.

By nature kids love to do miscreants. Every day they did something like that.

One day when they were playing cricket inside the house ,by mistakenly they broke their TV. Afraid of being scolded by their parents, they started crying and went to their grandparents and told them about the incident . They told their grandparents they are truly sorry for the loss and won’t do it again. After hearing everything they realized that kids were scared of the incident and their parents anger. So, they will take the blame on themselves. Kids became happy & started playing again.

And when their parents came back from their work , their grandparents told everything as they promised with the kids. Kids were also there & listening everything and they were surprised that their parents didn’t say anything to their grandparents. At the night they thanked their grandparents from saving them from their parents anger. Their grandparents smiled and said just keep your promise.

Time passed and they always did such types of miscreants again and again. And whenever their parents asked they put a blame on their grandparents. And saved themselves from getting scolded.

But one day their grandparents became aware of the kids stories of lie. And when their grandmother asked about of their lie ,they said they were sorry & won’t do it again. But they did mistake and blamed their grandparents again.  After seeing kids behaviour they got disheartened & stopped talking to them. Specially their grandmother, she stopped talking to any family members.  While before she told the fairy tales, played with them ,made their favorite snacks & many more things.

After sometimes kids were getting upset   from their grandmother’s silence. They talked to her  but she didn’t say anything.

Kids decided they will asked their mother. And when they told about their grandmother’s behaviour ,she promised to their kids that she will talk to her.

The very next morning she went to talk to her  & asked about of her behavior. At first grandmother didn’t say anything,  but then she told her if you have any problem you have to discuss with us . So,we could solve it. After that grandmother told everything,  how the kids were continuously blaming them and telling a lie to save themselves from getting scolded. And how they’re continuously breaking their promises. She understood the situation and gave her word that it won’t happen again.

While kids were waiting outside from the room their mother came out from the grandparents room. They were curious to know the things . So,they asked their mother why the grandmother was upset? Then, she told them about their miscreants, their lies, how they continuously blaming their grandparents, not keeping the promises. But she didn’t scold the kids. After listening everything kids ‘eyes were full with tears and they said that they were truly sorry about of it & earlier they said sorry to their grandparents also. Then their mother said but you didn’t keep your promises. There’s no meaning of “sorry ” if you are not feeling from your heart or truly. That’s why your grandmother was upset.

“Sorry ” works when a mistake is made ,but not when trust is broken. So, in life, make mistakes but never break trust. Because forgiving is easy, but forgetting & trusting again is sometimes impossible.

After hearing their mother’s word they went to their grandparents and said give us one more chance, you won’t be disappointed again. Their grandparents became agree with this promise. Because they were also not happy to see their grandchildren’s sorrow. This time they were trying to keep their promises ,while they were doing mistakes but rather than blaming others they accepted their punishment. And they also started enjoying their grandmother’s stories, snacks.

They got their lesson from their parents & grandparents.


Published by Sushmasuman

I'm a nature loving person, do little writing, sketching, cooking & reading.

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