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Ego tested friendship

The story revolves around the friendship of two friends. Both of them started their journey of friendship from their childhood. Both were as much connected to each other that whenever one of them missed his classes their classmates started to tease another one that “How pair of two swans were separated !”

Their families lived nearby to each other. So,they went together for their schooling, colleging . Both were completely different by nature , but their heart was connected with their friendship. Where one was quiet there another was talkative.

Both complemented each other.

Time passed and their paths divided according to their destination and circumstances. One friend has lost his mother & became devastated. While his friend was always there with his condolences and cheered his friends up. But every relationship has its own bonding. Because of the grievance that friend had to leave this city . That place had never allowed him to let go off from his mother’s untimely death .

So,he left the city with heavy heart. He promised his friend that he was only living the city not friendship.

While he always wanted his friend accompanied him but his friend was bonded with his own relationship.

The distance between places can stopped them only to see each other daily but couldn’t stop the bonding of friendship.

They gave each other bid – adieu with heavy heart.

Time passed, they became engaged in their life, achieving their goals. But they didn’t forget to call each other daily and sharing their experiences. And they also met occasionally to celebrate their success.

But time started to fly very fastly as their responsibilities started to grow rapidly. So, first they started to meet rarely, talk occasionally & then suddenly it stopped .

But they never forget each other from their hearts. They always mentioned each other when they were talking with their family. Sharing his childhood memories with their kids. But didn’t call each other.

Both were waiting for each other’s call. Ego had covered the bonding of friendship.

Everyday they checked each other’s life activities on social apps. Pressing phone’s keypad every day but not called.

Ego had casted its spell on their friendship.

Why we checked our childhood best friend’s status every day in our phone but not go one step forward to call him & say him how’re you, why didn’t you call me yet ?


Published by Sushmasuman

I'm a nature loving person, do little writing, sketching, cooking & reading.

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