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Poetry (Part- lll)

Poetry is the incarnation of some verses, Verses are the ambivalent of words . Words are connected with thoughts. Thoughts are inborn emotions. Life is filled with emotions. Emotions continue its cycle with ages. When emotions rotate its cycle, Then, sometimes thoughts dwell with cherished emotions. And sometimes thoughts agitate with unpleasant emotions. And sometimesContinue reading “Poetry (Part- lll)”


Dear Thoughts-(Part ll)

O! My dear thoughts, Why are you so silent? Why don’t you think about of poetry? A beautiful poetry A poetry of some magical verses I know You have lost yourself To find a peace I’m tired of my day to day activity But you can’t Maybe you’re tired inside me But words are stillContinue reading “Dear Thoughts-(Part ll)”

Silence-( Part l )

Sitting on my balcony at midnight Seeing the cloudy sky Felt the silence of clouds Felt the silence of wind Felt the silence of stars Felt the silence of trees Felt the silence of garden Felt the silence of words Felt the silence of thought Felt the silence inside me Tried to find the silenceContinue reading “Silence-( Part l )”