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Holiday in The Village 🌳🏕🌳

It was a holiday, when we went to visit our village.

To spend a holiday, we choose our destination a village.

It was far away from our city but closed to our heart.

We woke up early, packed up our luggage with light stuffs.

Everyone was ready with their baggage, like they were going to spend the whole summer season.

We jumped to sit on the bus ,supposed it was our playground.

As bus started to move, we moved to the world of sleep with speedy wind.

While we were sleeping in the bus but our inner soul(mind) already reached the village.

When we reached to our destination ,the fragrance of fresh soil awakened us with its aroma.

The purity of the environment purified our impure mind like the water purifier removed the impurities of water.

We saw as many things which were connected to the nature, that could not be possible to had seen in our city.

We saw a open sky here that we missed in our city, saw the field of waving trees & the children who were swinging on the trees.

We felt like our adventurous day had been just started, no sign of tiredness from the journey.

Grandma was calling us to reached home before evening but we were just busy with our mischievous journey(holiday).

She made the lemon shikanji (lemonade)for us, to freshened up our energy.

Still I remembered those holidays masti(enjoyment) of childhood, which we spent in our village.

Remembering those memories made me nostalgic ,indulged me with cherished moments.

Those moments when we climbed on the trees to pluck the fresh fruits, while we mostly plucked unripe fruits.

Our holiday journey like a never ending treasure hunt, filled with unforgettable tasks.

Our holiday stories like a unending story, I always missed those endless moments of joy in every holiday.

………………written by Sushma S.📒✍


Published by Sushmasuman

I'm a nature loving person, do little writing, sketching, cooking & reading.

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