Golgappa – weekend special snack😋

Golgappa, a mouthwatering snack & also called Panipuri. It’s related to our childhood miscreants. Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 30 – 40 minutes Serving time : 5 minutes Ingredients : 1. Semolina (Rava)3 1cup 2. All purpose flour (maida)1/4 cup 3. Four medium sized potato 4. Three medium sized onion 5. Green chilli (optional)Continue reading “Golgappa – weekend special snack😋”

Poet of Passing Moments

I’m the poet of passing moments Passing moments are my life’s journey Alive by the passing moments Passing moments are my adolescence I’m the poet of passing moments Many poets came earlier to me, And many will come after me They came & gone with passing moments Some had returned back with their moaning SomeContinue reading “Poet of Passing Moments”


Ego tested friendship The story revolves around the friendship of two friends. Both of them started their journey of friendship from their childhood. Both were as much connected to each other that whenever one of them missed his classes their classmates started to tease another one that “How pair of two swans were separated !”Continue reading “Stories”


Words are chosen by us We’re not chosen by words But our words described our identity Professions are chosen by us We’re not chosen by profession But our professions gave success or failure in our lives. Stories are told by us We’re not told by stories But sometimes we’re mentioned in other’s stories . HardContinue reading “CHOSEN”


Sometimes I thought I get lost in my thoughts Became demented by darkness of thoughts Enjoying life by blooming of thoughts Confused myself by uncertainty of thoughts Got into arguments by disputed thoughts Being in love by loveable thoughts Stayed out of focus by confusing thoughts Moving forward by enthusiastic thoughts Being drowsy by idleContinue reading “Thoughts”

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