You & me

As the flower is incomplete without its fragrance, Just like I’m incomplete without your love. As the sky is embellished with Moon & stars , Just like I’m adorned with your love. As the pearl lived inside the seashell, Just like Your love lives deep inside in my heart. As the nightwrap is decorated withContinue reading “You & me”

Inspiring Nature🦚🌈🌦🌈🦚

After seeing the rain shower, The dancing peacocks, The beauty of nature. Aspiring poet inside me , Arise with her thoughts. To describe my words, Went inside the house, Hold a paper, But not found my fountain. Grasped my kid’s pencil, Came outside. Oh! What happened ? It’s a sunny day. The rain showers stopped.Continue reading “Inspiring Nature🦚🌈🌦🌈🦚”

Expression Of Love

My heart was depressed from your absence. The magic of talking between two hearts, The language of love. The secret of magical talking spread in the night. It’s the reflection of your love, which made me passionate. It’s the craft of your love, which made me vulnerable. My heart wants to be vanished in yourContinue reading “Expression Of Love”

Thought of the day

A famous shloka(verse) of ” Shrimad Bhagwat Gita ” always motivates in my life, either I’m happy or sad. It illustrates our duties in our life & here’s the verse(shloka),which inspired me always; ।। कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन ।। ।। मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भुर्मा ते संगोऽस्त्वकर्मणि ।। As much I understand the meaning of this verse(shloka) isContinue reading “Thought of the day”

Mother “Maa”

She who gives birth to humanity, is known as “Maa”(Mother). Her life is the symbol of dedication & love . She lives her life to provide comfort in her children’s life. She’s a melodious singer ,As humming lullabies are always on her lips. She spends her life, to weave dreams for us. She is aContinue reading “Mother “Maa””


God exists in the embodiment of parents. Parents are our lifegivers, our identity, Our childhood ‘s blessed with parent’s love & guidance. They taught the lessons of life, Shaped us for future. Our life is immense , with their legacy. Their blessings are countless in our life. Children are parent’s dreams and future. Their dreamsContinue reading “🏵🌸PARENTS 🌸🏵”

☔🌧Monsoon 🌧☔

As the season of monsoon has reached, Rain bird has started to dance in my heart. My heart blossomed with rain drops, like wasps buzzed over the blooming flowers. This changed weather has changed the scenery of valleys . Mists covered the colour of sky. Rain has satisfied the soil of barren land,   And fragranceContinue reading “☔🌧Monsoon 🌧☔”

Thought of the Day

Gautam Buddha quotes: What is the difference between ” I like you ” & ” I love you ” ? Beautiful answered by Buddha. When you like a flower 🌷, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower 🌷,you water it daily. You take care of it. ” One who understand this, understandContinue reading “Thought of the Day”

Almonds ladoo(Healthy sweets)🍽

“Almonds” a rich dry fruit ,contained vitamin E, minerals, protein, fiber & unsaturated fat which are helpful to reduce bad cholesterol. Even almonds are appeared in the first book of the Bible , “Genesis”, as a prized food given as gifts. Some research said that having 14gm of almonds every day will keep you energeticContinue reading “Almonds ladoo(Healthy sweets)🍽”

Holiday in The Village 🌳🏕🌳

It was a holiday, when we went to visit our village. To spend a holiday, we choose our destination a village. It was far away from our city but closed to our heart. We woke up early, packed up our luggage with light stuffs. Everyone was ready with their baggage, like they were going toContinue reading “Holiday in The Village 🌳🏕🌳”

Poetry (Part- lll)

Poetry is the incarnation of some verses, Verses are the ambivalent of words . Words are connected with thoughts. Thoughts are inborn emotions. Life is filled with emotions. Emotions continue its cycle with ages. When emotions rotate its cycle, Then, sometimes thoughts dwell with cherished emotions. And sometimes thoughts agitate with unpleasant emotions. And sometimesContinue reading “Poetry (Part- lll)”

Being a woman

Endurance gave us immense. A body for life journey, And gave the whole sky to think. There were many stoppages in the journey of life But thoughts didn’t stop. Life on the go, The age limit kept decreasing. But the journey of thoughts, Created an infinite limit for itself. In every form, in every direction,Continue reading “Being a woman”

Being a woman

Endurance gave us immense. A body for life journey, And gave the whole sky to think. There were many stoppages in the journey of life But thoughts didn’t stop. Life on the go, The age limit kept decreasing. But the journey of thoughts, Created an infinite limit for itself. In every form, in every direction,Continue reading “Being a woman”

Dear Thoughts-(Part ll)

O! My dear thoughts, Why are you so silent? Why don’t you think about of poetry? A beautiful poetry A poetry of some magical verses I know You have lost yourself To find a peace I’m tired of my day to day activity But you can’t Maybe you’re tired inside me But words are stillContinue reading “Dear Thoughts-(Part ll)”

Silence-( Part l )

Sitting on my balcony at midnight Seeing the cloudy sky Felt the silence of clouds Felt the silence of wind Felt the silence of stars Felt the silence of trees Felt the silence of garden Felt the silence of words Felt the silence of thought Felt the silence inside me Tried to find the silenceContinue reading “Silence-( Part l )”

Story – “sorry “

It’s a story of happy & ideal family. Where grandparents, parents & kids are living altogether. Both parents were working. So mostly grandparents took care of the kids when they came back from their school. By nature kids love to do miscreants. Every day they did something like that. One day when they were playingContinue reading “Story – “sorry “”

Golgappa – weekend special snack😋

Golgappa, a mouthwatering snack & also called Panipuri. It’s related to our childhood miscreants. Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 30 – 40 minutes Serving time : 5 minutes Ingredients : 1. Semolina (Rava)3 1cup 2. All purpose flour (maida)1/4 cup 3. Four medium sized potato 4. Three medium sized onion 5. Green chilli (optional)Continue reading “Golgappa – weekend special snack😋”

Poet of Passing Moments

I’m the poet of passing moments Passing moments are my life’s journey Alive by the passing moments Passing moments are my adolescence I’m the poet of passing moments Many poets came earlier to me, And many will come after me They came & gone with passing moments Some had returned back with their moaning SomeContinue reading “Poet of Passing Moments”


Ego tested friendship The story revolves around the friendship of two friends. Both of them started their journey of friendship from their childhood. Both were as much connected to each other that whenever one of them missed his classes their classmates started to tease another one that “How pair of two swans were separated !”Continue reading “Stories”


Words are chosen by us We’re not chosen by words But our words described our identity Professions are chosen by us We’re not chosen by profession But our professions gave success or failure in our lives. Stories are told by us We’re not told by stories But sometimes we’re mentioned in other’s stories . HardContinue reading “CHOSEN”

Don’t Go Outside

Whenever you’re unhappy my mind Do some yoga As told by experts Construct stress free mind But don’t go outside Whenever you’re unhappy my mind After seeing raining outside  , Don’t be upset for not get wetted in rain. Splash some water on your face But don’t go outside Whenever you’re unhappy my mind AfterContinue reading “Don’t Go Outside”

The Authority of Poetry

The authority of poetry is Get drowned in coming monsoon Get flattered on blooming buds Confronted life’s problems happily Be seated on the bough of autumn Waiting for the first seedlings of season Welcoming the gale-storm Be affectionate with nature Spend those saved tears Which kept for consoling My poetry Also following the same journeyContinue reading “The Authority of Poetry”


Sometimes I thought I get lost in my thoughts Became demented by darkness of thoughts Enjoying life by blooming of thoughts Confused myself by uncertainty of thoughts Got into arguments by disputed thoughts Being in love by loveable thoughts Stayed out of focus by confusing thoughts Moving forward by enthusiastic thoughts Being drowsy by idleContinue reading “Thoughts”

Pleasure (Joy being a mother)

I hold on the journey of life Waiting for pleasure Moments came & gone But the season of my life didn’t change Waiting for pleasure Life went on the quest Took many turning But didn’t get it Which I considered my happiness Waiting for a little bud I stopped hope for my life Heard theContinue reading “Pleasure (Joy being a mother)”

Coconut ladoo (sweets)

It’s a festival time in India. And we Indians are very fond of sweets. During festivals we offer sweets to God as a Prasad(Bhog) . It’s a quick and easy recipe. No need to burn your flame. Total Time : 10 – 15 minutes Ingredients: 1. Coconut powder dessicated (200 gm) 2. Sugar powder orContinue reading “Coconut ladoo (sweets)”

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